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Homeland Security Ignores Report Of Potential Terrorism

Published on Apr 23, 2014

Recently reported on the New York State Division of Homeland Security encouraging businesses to snitch on preppers. The letter warned business owners that people buying food, flashlights or ammunition should be considered suspicious.……

Infowars Reporter Jakari Jackson called the NY State Division of HS to report on an organization that’s had been stockpiling bullets, and other ammunition and has been practicing with targets that included images of children, pregnant women and the elderly. He was concerned because this was a large group spread out over the entire Untied States.
The NY state division seemed uninterested in this report and would not acknowledge that a group like this was a threat to our country’s freedoms.………………………………

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Police Training Exercise Downtown Los Angeles 6-6-13

They’re getting a lot of practice in these days! Should we feel secure, or SCARED?

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