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There are no coincidences in life. The graphic image on the side of Diet Pepsi cans being served to American troops in Afghanistan bears more than a passing resemblance to the 9/11 terror attacks on the Twin Towers, with smoke coming out the top of one of the towers and a plane flying above.
As much as I try to avoid using Geoge Soros-funded SNOPES for verification, I checked anyway, figuring for sure it would be listed as a hoax there. But it isn’t. Snopes gave it a ‘MIXED’ rating which means it could be true and definitely isn’t a hoax. Snopes confirms that the photograph is a genuine picture of a can of Diet Pepsi manufactured in Dubai by Pepsi Arabia (available, among other markets, to US troops serving in Afghanistan). Snopes sees a passing resemblance to the 9/11 attacks, and isn’t sure it represents some international disrespect on the part of Pepsi Arabia. Snopes chooses to see it as a generic representation of a big city with two tall towers and a plane that just happens to be flying near them.
You can decide for yourself. I see it as another Muslim triumphal symbol, shoved in the faces of Americans. Totally intentional.
What do you see?

The STORY: (H/T CO) So yesterday I was in the chow hall on my Forward Operating Base here in Afghanistan, and, as usual, I grabbed a diet cola to go with my meal. The Diet Pepsi served in our chow hall is not from the United States. It is manufactured in Dubai by Pepsi Arabia and says so right on the can.Yesterday, for some odd reason I looked–I mean I really LOOKED–at the subtle “clip art” on the background of the can.And I did a double take. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… I examined the can for several minutes while my food grew cold, wondering if my eyes were deceiving me.

But there was no getting around it. To either side of the Pepsi logo, there was an image of a jet airliner over tall buildings. Looking at the image, I couldn’t help but think it alluded to 9/11.Three other soldiers were sitting with me at my table. One of the other soldiers asked what I was looking at so hard. Instead of answering, I handed him the can and said, “Look at the artwork on this can. Do you see what I see?”

He looked. His eyes grew wide. He turned the can from side to side. The other soldiers at the table looked, too. None of us said anything. The phrase “9/11″ never passed from our lips. We could LOOK at each other and understand we all saw the same thing, a “sneaky allusion to 9/11.”
~The other design Pepsi-Arabia has for the diet pepsi cans appears to be decorated with streams of tears dripping down the can along with what could be representative of Christian crosses surrounding the background. Some have claimed that the “Twin Towers” image is actually the Dubai skyline… however there is nothing on the label of the can that even REMOTELY looks like the Dubai skyline! Don’t they have that unusually shaped flagship resort luxury hotel as the focal point of their skyline?

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