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Are entitlements corrupting America?
In “A Nation of Takers,” author Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute draws on an impressive array of data to detail the exponential growth in America’s entitlement spending, which today accounts for a full two-thirds of the federal budget. Eberstadt shows in unflinching detail how this runaway spending is having a very real, long-lasting, negative impact on the character of our citizens.

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Dear Democrat Party,Congratulations on Tuesday’s victories.Congratulations on the new tax hikes that will restrain the economy next year as the Bush tax cuts end and the myriad dictates and fees imposed by Obamacare begin. We are already seeing companies downsize or flee and investors begin to bail out of the stock market. Rest assured that your tactics of class warfare will ultimately succeed just as well as they have throughout the world for the last two centuries.

Congratulations on giving us an excellent preview of what lies ahead with your stewardship in the Golden State, where Global Economic Analysis says — after the various statewide ballot initiatives and elections — “Prepare for the Demise of California“.

Congratulations on solidifying your plan to borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend, with no credible plan to address the gap. It reminds me, most recently, of the run-up to Argentina’s currency crisis.

Congratulations on successfully appealing to voters with crude, brutish messages of personal gratification, thereby finalizing your blueprint for America’s economic downfall.

Congratulations on making Alexis de Tocqueville’s predictions of 1835 come to pass, in that the United States appears to have entered the final phase of the transition from a Constitutional Republic to Despotism.

Congratulations on carefully avoiding the biggest fiscal problems we face, from entitlements to a debt-to-GDP ratio that has long since passed the historic danger zone. As an aside, if I were you, I would be preparing your families with near-term (under five years) plans for economic upheaval and possible societal unrest. I say that not because I desire anything of the sort, but because we seem to have reached a tipping point where more citizens want free contraceptives and EBT cards than believe in the American dream.

Congratulations on your historic control of the media. By withholding and obscuring the facts behind the Benghazi scandal, Operation Fast and Furious and the numerous green energy scams that enriched President Obama’s campaign bundlers, you have ensured that a clueless electorate can be counted on to vote for giveaways in every election.

And, finally, congratulations on ensuring that no one in Washington — including the feckless, old guard Republican leadership — expresses the least bit of concern that we have long since passed the historical Rogoff-Reinhart tipping point of debt-to-GDP that spells inevitable economic doom.

Well done. Enjoy your victories and remember: As ye sow, so shall ye reap.


Doug Ross


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