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Prepare to be uncomfortable.    Today we will share some truthful information regarding the pending Dianne Feinstein “Assault Weapon” legislation.

So let me introduce you to a lady, a badass hot chick, who will forget more about guns, weaponry and firearm ownership manipulation than most individuals will or could ever know.  Her name is Michelle and I think you will enjoy this…. /SD at TheConservativeTreehouse

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Michelle Hart – Before I begin I would like to thank Sundance for providing this opportunity to write for the Tree House.

I would also like to make a few thing’s crystal clear, There are around 75,000 types of small arms on the planet today depending on how stringently you classify them, and I’ve used most of them offensively and defensively, and that is the extent to which I will discus my background in modern weapon systems. So please don’t ask me for details because that is not the purpose of this contribution and it’s actually just not very relevent.

One thing you really do need to grasp though before I continue, probably above everything else, is that I’m really not interested in what your “hunting buddies” told you, or what you heard on the sportsman channel from Bubba. I don’t care what you think you know, or how many years you have been walking a beat, or any of the rest of that typical macho stuff. This is the very big picture information you need to understand about what is coming, and how the statists and America’s enemies plan to accomplish it.

Welcome to Michelle’s Gun Girl Class, or Hot Guns & Smart Chicks!

There are many types of weapon systems in use all over the world, and each of those are classified as a heavy, medium or light direct fire and indirect fire weapons. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s really all there is. I’m going to try my best to not go all Jane’s on you and also do my best to keep it simple and make this fun to read, but I do have a lot to cover.

In 1861 Dr. Richard J. Gatling designed the first machine gun. This machine gun was adopted for use in 1862 by the United States Army. The Gatling gun is a box fed, air-cooled, manually operated, direct fire weapon, operating from the open bolt position.

Twenty two years later in 1884 The British inventor Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim designed the first self-powered machine gun. His machine gun began service in the British Army in 1889. The Vickers Gun is a belt fed, water-cooled, recoil operated, direct fire weapon, operating from the open bolt position.

Regardless of the weapon type, or size, it will use one of three methods to fire a projectile. Manual, recoil, or gas… That’s it… there are no other methods in use anywhere on the planet, regardless of the weapon type, caliber, or design, and yes that includes naval gunfire from the USS Missouri; which is manual just in case you were wondering.

To begin, this is the most simple and basic understanding you will ever need to truly understand any weapon that has ever been created. It will be a direct or indirect fire weapon, and it will function based on one of these three principles of operation… gas, recoil, or manual. Take a wild guess what the Roman Gladius is.. that’s right, it’s an indirect fire – manual operation weapon.

Now pay close attention because this is where it starts getting super interesting. There is no such thing as a “machine gun” an “assault rifle” or a “semi automatic”, its complete fiction created by Hollywood, and other idiots to sell movie tickets, confuse, deceive or scare you. Please don’t start with the “but the M-16 has it on the receiver tripe” I know why it’s actually on there, and I seriously doubt you do, though it is possible. I can assure you though, that I don’t know everything. Now I know it just breaks your little heart knowing Rambo didn’t actually carry around a machine gun, or that everybody at the gun range, the gun shows, the skeet club or wherever has told you that’s what it is, but honey it just ain’t so.

What Rambo carried was a belt fed, air-cooled, gas operated direct fire weapon that operated from the open bolt position, or the 23 pound Model-60 adopted in 1957 if ya wanna go all tech on me later.

An automatic weapon by design will automatically reload without additional interaction from the user. The Ruger 10-22, mini-14, Mak-90, SKS, the AR clones, will automatically move a cartridge from the magazine to the chamber without any assistance which makes it an auto loader or an automatic just like the Vickers and just like the M-60. Every gas, or recoil operated weapon produced is an automatic. Most automatic pistols like all the 1911 clones, the Beretta 92F, Glock, Sig Saur or any other modern pistol will automatically reload because they are recoil operated. The Colt Automatic Pistol M-1911 fires caliber .45 ACP or Automatic Colt Pistol ammunition, and that is the actual military designation.

Regardless of what type of weapon you have, it either AUTOMATICALLY reloads or it does not. there is either fully automated, non user intervention reloading limited only by ammunition supply, or there is not. Then we have manual loading, which is just about every single bolt, lever or pump-action shotgun or rifle ever made, or in production today. Each of these require the user to operate the action and manually move a cartridge from the magazine and into the chamber. Depending on the weapon the magazine may be part of the weapons action or removable. The Garand, Mauser, Henry and the Sharps have fixed magazines, but the Enfield does not.

All firearms of any type will move only ONE cartridge to the chamber to fire with each cycle of the action regardless of action type. There is no partial-automatic, half-automatic, or semi-automatic.   The rate of fire is determined by the design of the action NOT the method of operation.  Remember gas, recoil or manual is the only way a weapon will ever cycle. This is the key point you need to focus on, rather than arguing with me about semantics or what Bubba at the hog hunt told you. There is a reason you have never seen a machine revolver or a machine Winchester, the action isn’t designed for direct fire. I will admit though, that sure would be cool to see at the range.

I sure hope you are starting to see the bigger picture by now.

Every weapon I’ve discussed has focused entirely on how it operates, how it loads, the way it was designed, and some of the specific attributes of these different weapon systems. However,  beginning in 1934 with the National Firearms Act, and now with Feinstein’s soon to be introduced complete elimination of the 2nd Amendment bill none of that matters.

The reason none of it matters should be obvious, the method of operation is completely irrelevant to the specific goals of who we are fighting. The Winchester 38-40 could operate by popsicle sticks for all they care, and if they thought it did, they would make those illegal too. How a weapon operates, how it loads, how it’s used is not nearly as important as its availability and appearance.

Try to wrap you mind around this, communists are DIVAs… They are full tilt over the top Divas. Everything is about how it looks, and never about how it works. Every single “social program” is an absolute dismal failure, but it sure looks good when they drop a few million on welfare for the kids doesn’t it? It sure is a great photo with the kiddies on that new basketball court right? So what if they can’t read, that really isn’t what matters. It’s always about the reviews and stage lighting, never the actual performance.

“Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of: 120 specifically named firearms

“Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of gun owners: 900 specifically named firearms”

You need to think really long and really hard about this next statement!

guns 2

So if I have a bright fuchsia, belt fed, gas operated, auto loader, direct fire weapon named “chocolate cream pudding” it’s just dandy then right? Maybe I should rename it though to something like “hot fluffy kittens” just to make sure it isn’t banned.   Do you understand now that it’s about the ACTUAL LANGUAGE they are using because the name and appearance of a weapon has absolutely no effect on how it functions!

These are lawyers and their goal is to be a vague as possible to ensure that anything can be considered illegal.

The communists will continually re-define, the re-definition of the defined re-definition that is defined by the definition of the re-defined previous definition.

It’s all word games and Kabuki theatre with people who do not have the slightest clue how a weapon functions, how it loads, or what its primary use is. The only problem they really have is their own ignorance, but fortunately for them most gun owners don’t know very much either and go along with whatever the liberals dream up. How do you criminalize something you know absolutely nothing about, well you start with how it looks, marginalize and mock it…. remember the rules for radicals?

Everybody is completely focused on “the list of 120″ rather than the specific language used to describe these weapons. Every modern pistol has a box magazine, and one military characteristic, and most hold more than 10 cartridges and they are all auto loaders. Remember Automatic Colt Pistol is the original military designation NOT a civilian one.

Guess what the one military characteristic of an 1861 Springfield is? It’s the bayonet lug! Do you realize the reason that the Sharps and Henry Rifles have saddle rings was specifically for use by the military. The Garand, the Enfield, the M-1, all the AR clones, and anything similar will be gone forever because they all have one military characteristic. Do you have any idea what they are, or why it’s even a military characteristic? It’s all about the name, the availability, the access, or how they look.

Do you actually believe any of them actually know what the M2 Tombstone Drum is or even what weapon it attached to? Will the P-38 or Lugar your grandpa brought back from Normandy really be safe, and why on earth does anyone need to know that you have it?

This has nothing to do with who made the weapon. Whether it’s a Colt, Bushmaster, Armilite, Mosberg, or Taurus doesn’t really matter, it’s a weapon and that is what matters the most. It really doesn’t matter that ammunition for that C-96 or Krag is already really hard to find. They both have a 10 round magazine, and that is what matters.

Can any of you tell me what a legitimate hunter is, or name one single antique manually operated weapon from memory? Do you feel like trying to accurately define what a sporting purpose is, and then explain how legitimate it may be?

Do you honestly believe that the same people who have been claiming that a reduction of planned spending in the future is really a spending cut today will know the difference between a manually operated weapon or a gas operated one? They can’t even grasp “shall not be infringed” but you trust them to decide what ammunition feeding devices are?

The most common “assault rifle” in service during the 1700′s was the firelock, Bess, or Land Pattern Musket which used .75 caliber ball and was in service from 1722 until 1838 with the British Army. The Firelock is an indirect fire, air-cooled, manual loader, which operates from the open bolt position. The Firelock also has a bayonet lug, and is classified as Military Ordinance by the British Crown just in case you were wondering.

You better start paying a lot closer attention to what these communists are saying, because according to Diane Feinstein the Land Pattern Musket will be illegal to sell, transfer, import, or manufacture in the United States. There is not a single firearm in production today or that was produced after the 1700′s regardless of the type, caliber, feed system, or design that will be legal to own without registration. NOT ONE!

The VERY FIRST THING that Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, and anyone I left out began with was mandatory registration, followed by confiscation and that was quickly followed with camps. Do you really think they are going to wait until you are just sitting at home ready to fight back or grab you on your way to work, to school? Perhaps you forgot about what happened in Waco Texas a few years back. Feel free to tell me which prison William Jefferson Clinton and Janet Reno are serving time in for the actual premeditated murder of American citizens, who were given no due process, no trial,and no Miranda rights.

Specifically named, detachable or fixed magazine, a military characteristic, handguns, feeding devices, 10 cartridge maximum, other rifles…… Which one of these increases the rate of fire, the accuracy, the range, the lethality of cartridge used?

The answer is none of them!

Even though an 1860 44-40 Henry is an antique, and by todays standards obsolete, the saddle rings alone are the one military characteristic they need for it to qualify as an “assault rifle” even though we don’t use lanyards or horses in combat anymore. Watch an old western sometime and maybe you will see how they were actually used.

The NDAA is already here, which makes this next infringement even worse. This entire thing is designed to generate friction, to provoke a response, it’s the shot directly across the bow to draw Americans out into the street. Never forget that communists are full tilt Divas who crave the stage but can’t perform and need to look good at all costs.  The goal is to arrest people, to get people to start fighting back, just Imagine how Chris Mathews will frame the narrative when hundreds of armed protesters are arrested or do actually fight back.

We have already seen the violence from the unions and occupy, the raids on Gibson [Guitar], now the cries for confiscation, publishing the names of gun owners, and now the total elimination of the 2nd amendment has arrived.

Are you seeing the big picture yet?


…. if you’re happy and you know it clank your chains..

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Just for women: 23 Truths about Firearms

1.You can never have too much ammo. It’s amazing how quickly one or two people can shoot through 100 rounds or more in a single target practice.

2.If you’re smart, your firearms will be common calibers. It will be easier to find ammo and easier to get replacement parts.

3.If you’re even smarter, you own firearms that are of popular makes and models. It will be easier to find a gunsmith capable of making repairs and customized requests.

4.Unless you’re at the range every day, it’s hard to get too much practice. If the range masters know you by name, that’s a good sign that you’re getting enough practice!

5.It’s a mistake to limit your practice to shooting at a piece of paper under optimal conditions. Take classes that will challenge your shooting skills in high-pressure scenarios. Until the adrenaline is really pumping and your brain feels scrambled, you’ll never know how you’ll respond in a life or death situation.  (Note: The first time I was firing a gun under pressure, I got so rattled that I was using my non-dominant eye.  I was fortunate that any shots hit my target!)

6.A shotgun should be at or near the top of your list when it comes to firearms for home defense. Your choices are the 12 gauge, 20 gauge and the 410.  Once you’ve made your decision, get to the range and practice, practice, practice.  When it comes to stopping power, a shotgun can’t be beat.

7.Don’t fall into the trap of buying the smallest gun at the store.  Believe it or not, a larger gun will be more comfortable and accurate to shoot.

8.Learn how to clean your own gun.  Learn how to completely dismantle it (field strip), clean each part, and put it back together.

9.Your safety is your responsibility.  Not your husband’s, nor the police, nor your kids.

10.A gun isn’t the end-all when it comes to personal or home security.  Think in terms of layers: situational awareness, home security systems, a watchdog, cacti along the back fence.  It all adds up to more peace of mind and less dependence on any one strategy.

11.If a gun isn’t possible or desirable in your circumstances, come up with Plan B. One of my friends keeps a baseball bat near the front seat of her minivan.  Another always has the most powerful pepper spray on the market in her purse, and yet another keeps an 18″ length of steel rebar wedged between the driver’s seat of her car and the middle console.  Whatever your choice, always be aware of the location of your weapon, practice using it, and be comfortable with the thought that one day you may have to use it.

12.Don’t listen to celebrities and politicians who go on hysterical anti-gun rants.  Remember, they can afford armed bodyguards and state-of-the-art home security systems.  (Interesting that it’s okay if their bodyguards are armed but they don’t think law-abiding citizens should be able to own and carry guns.)  I am my kid’s armed bodyguard.

13.Practice rapid firing when you’re at the range.  If your life, or that of your children’s, is ever on the line, and your only choice is to draw your gun, your best tactic will be multiple, rapid shots at the bad guy(s).

14.Don’t assume you will only ever have to deal with a single bad guy.  Just like roaches, bad guys stick together.  You may very well  be confronted with several all at once.  Keep that in mind.

15.There’s a reason why experts prefer to keep their sidearms concealed.  Open carry is okay if you’re trying to impress people, but it also makes you a target.

16.Your life should never depend on a gun you’re afraid to shoot.  If the recoil is too powerful, if the trigger pull is too heavy, if firing it hurts your hand, do not plan on using that gun as a defensive weapon.  Sell it. Throw it away.  Give it away, but whatever you do, have a gun you are comfortable with and actually enjoy shooting.  If that life or death moment should ever come, there cannot be even a moment’s hesitation due to fear of using your gun.

17.If you choose to carry your handgun concealed, practice drawing it from its holster or from its concealed location.  And then practice another hundred times.

18.It’s a really good idea to keep an extra loaded magazine in your purse, the glove compartment, wherever it will be safe and easily accessible.

19.You just might be able to easily handle a larger caliber of handgun than you think.  Don’t underestimate your ability.

20.Nothing beats not being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

21.Be willing to back down in a confrontation or willing to run or call for help.  Your goal is to survive, not show off to the world your awesome marksmanship skills.

22.Every gun-nut has his/her own opinion about the best make, model, caliber, shooting stance, etc.  Be willing to listen but keep in mind that they are just opinions.

23.Don’t get overly cocky just because you have a firearm in the house, your purse, or have a certificate from your shooting range for completing an advanced course.  Law enforcement officers miss their target in a shooting confrontation about 70% of the time.  Think about that.

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