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Orchestrating Gun Control

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Trump Spokeswoman Destroys Liberal Who Criticizes Her 2nd Amendment Themed Necklace

Trump spokeswoman, Katrina, tea party Donald Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, has been all over cable news defending Trump from the dishonest media and doing a pretty good job doing it.

There are few things that make liberals more angry than Donald Trump so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pierson got a lot of heat from the left after she went on CNN wearing a necklace made of ammunition. A clear message that she is a firm defender of the 2nd Amendment.

It all started with a snotty tweet from a CNN reporter who wanted to know the “message” behind the necklace even though it was plain as day.

It there a message behind it?

Yeah Jim. And it’s really complex and difficult to understand but try to keep up.

Katrina wasn’t backing down.

The liberals weren’t done.

Few things are more annoying than snarky comments from liberals about subjects they know absolutely nothing about.

Pierson fired back.

Game. set. match.

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