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TERRORIST Facebook pages leaked from CIA?

More evidence the Republic no longer exists. 

By: a guest on

  1. Source:  Roger Landry  WTPNetwork™(312-94876)
  2. Updated List (3/17/12) These groups, pages and websites will be added to the terrorists watch list pending investigation.
  3.  Justin Stout* (312-94877)
  4. Lynn Nichols*(312-94878)
  5. Jeff Phelps *(312-94879)
  6. Bonnie Ross*(312-94880)
  7. John Jackson*(312-94881)
  8. Jerry Lewis * (312-94882)
  9. (*) Above subjects to be resolved pending investigation.
  11. List of Partner Forums
  12.  A Free and Voluntary Society Owner: Justin Stout  
  13.  A Truly Free Market Owner: Justin Stout  
  14.  Abolish the Department of Education Owner: Justin Stout
  15.  Abolish the Dept. of Homeland Security! Owner: Justin Stout
  16.  Abolish the FDA Owner: Justin Stout
  17.  Abolish the IRS Owner: Justin Stout
  19.  Abolish the TSA Owner: Justin Stout
  20.  Abolishing the Federal Reserve Owner: Justin Stout
  21.  “Action Group to Uphold the Constitution” Owner: Steven Danielson
  22.  American LiberTEA Owner: Bill Walker  
  23. Anarchism Owner: Justin Stout
  24.  Anarcho-Capitalism Owner: Justin Stout
  25.  Article V Convention Advocacy Forums Owner: John De Herrera  
  26.  Article V Convention | We The People are being denied our constitutional right Owner: John De Herrera  
  27.  Australians for Ron Paul Owner: Brett Carle
  28.  Bay Area Citizens against Chemtrails
  29.  Being Libertarian Owner: Justin Stout
  30.  Boycott Flying Owner: Get the GeTSApo out of your pants
  31.  Boycott Lame Stream Media Owner: Jerry Davis
  32.  Boycott Msnbc,FOX, CNBC and Affiliated supporters Owner: Jerry Davis
  33.  Can’t Stop Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Unkle Skunky
  34.  Care2NN (News Network) Owner: Robert Marsh
  35.  Civil Disobedience and Non-Cooperation Owner: Justin Stout  
  36.  Columbia Missouri for Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Jacob Fred Kerner  
  37.  Combat Veterans For Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Antonio Buehler and Nick Allison  
  38.  Committees of Safety of the Several StatesOwner: Roger Landry
  39.  Consciousness TV Owner: Edward Consciousness Levite  
  40.  Conspiracy Examiner Owner: Jeff Phelps  
  41.  Constitutional Convention Two Owner : Landon Lehrman  
  42.  Daddy Justice Owner: Anne Marie Whaley
  43.  Deadheads for Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Robyn Lansford
  44.  Debate the 2012 Republican Candidates Owner: Jennifer Hyatt
  45.  Deficit Reduction Project Guy Kuzbyte, Journalist
  46.  Democrats and Republicans are Destroying America Owner: Justin Stout  
  47.  De-Occupy your TV & Main Stream Media Owner: Patrick Legendaryhero
  48.  Educating America Freedom Not Fear Owner: Bonnie Ross  
  49.  Educators of Liberty! Owner: Rand Cottrell  
  50.  Either We Have A Constitution or We Don’t Owner: Rand Cottrell  
  51.  Election Calendar Owner: Justin Stout  
  52.  End the Fed Owner: Justin Stout
  53.  End the War on Drugs Owner: Justin Stout  
  54.  Everyone & Anyone -> for a dictatorship/theocracy free World… Owner:Roger Landry
  55.  Facebook gave me 15 days probation for making political posts Nicly Nelson
  56.  Founders Revolution Owner: Johnny Law
  57.  FREE Antonio Buehler Owner: Antonio Buehler and Leo Buehler  
  58.  Free-Thinking Society Owner: Justin Stout  
  59.  Friends Of the Article V Convention Owner: Bill Walker
  60.  Friends Networking & Supporting Ron Paul for President 2012 Owner: Bridie Gallagly-Gleeson  
  61.  Gardening Spirits Owner: Jason Wettstin
  62.  Global Mass ResignationsOwner:Roger Landry
  63.  Global Strike Owner: Lynn Nichols & Keith Liberty  
  64.  Gorilla Gardening Owner:Roger Landry
  65.  Graphic artists for Ron Paul Owner: Dwayne Lambert
  66.  Grass-Fed Revolution Owner: Justin Stout
  67.  Growing Organic, Eating Organic Owner: Justin Stout
  68.  Gun Owners Owner: Tyler Weaver
  69.  Hey We’re Filming Here Owner: Mike Skuthan  
  70.  Homeschooling / Unschooling Owner: Justin Stout  
  71.  Homesteading / Survivalism Owner: Justin Stout  
  72.  I’m Voting For Ron Paul and I’ve Got News For You – He CAN Win Owner: Tom Barton  
  73.  International Supporters for Ron Paul 2012 Appu Mathew
  74.  Ignorance is the Enemy of Freedom Owner:Roger Landry
  75.  Info Warriors United (website) Owner: John Jackson  
  76.  Info Warriors United (FB group) Owner: John Jackson  
  77.  Jury Nullification Owner: Justin Stout
  78.  Kudzu League Owner: James G. Cook  
  79.  Life, Liberty and Lies Owner: Jerry Davis  
  80.  Listen, Think, Question & Be Owner:Roger Landry
  81.  Live free or Expat! Owner: Ray Fernandez
  82.  Living off the Land Owner: Justin Stout
  83.  Modern Bulgarian Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  84.  Модерната българска революция. The Modern Bulgarian Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  85.  Money Message Owner:Roger Landry
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  87.  National Youth For Ron Paul Owner: John Jackson  
  88.  Natural Living and Parenting Owner: Justin Stout  
  89.  New Creation Unlimited Professional Hosting and Development Owners: Peter Tuzzolino and Carol Hannonmail  
  90. Owner:Roger Landry
  91.  New World Opposition Owner: Brett Backman  
  92.  New World Order Information Center Owner: Brett Backman  
  93.  NO to Mitt Romney Owner: Justin Stout
  94.  NO to Newt Gingrich Owner: Justin Stout
  95.  NO to Rick Santorum Owner: Justin Stout
  96.  Nobody for President Owner: Justin Stout
  97.  !North Americans Against A North American Union! Owner: Lynn Nichols and Ben OftheRocks Morgan
  99.  Occupy Economics Owner: Brian McNamara
  100.  Occupy Educate Owner: Giles Domkam  
  101.  Occupy Kelown Owner: Roger Landry
  102.  Occupy: One World, One Movement Owner:Steven Danielson
  103.  Occupy the Federal Reserve Owner: Justin Stout
  104.  One Big A$$ Mistake America Owner: Rand Cottrell, Roger Landry
  105.  OPERATION WAKE UP! Owner: Rand Cottrell  
  106.  Orion Talk Radio Owner: Roger Landry, Orion  
  107.  Paulistics SLC Owner: Jacob Alexander Jones
  108.  People Empowerment Group Owner: Roger Landry
  110.  Press For Truth Owner: Dan Dicks  
  111.  Press For Truth TV Owner: Dan Dicks  
  112.  Radio Free Canada Owner:  Darin Howard (Box 20013 Kelowna BC V1Y 9H2  
  113.  Reoccupy Corruption Owner: NeoPop Realism Journalism  
  114.  Repeal the Patriot Act Owner: Justin Stout  
  115.  Republicans for Ron Paul Owner: Eamon James Cahall  
  116.  Richmond Liberty Movement Owner: Raub Brandon  
  117.  Rick “google” Santorum would make the worst President Owner: Jefferson King Davis  
  118.  Ron Paul 2012 Owner: Justin Stout  
  119.  Ron Paul 2012 – So you want your Country Back. Then join the revolution! Owners: James Smith & Sr Admin Ted Jotte  
  120.  Ron Paul because he scares the shit out of ASSHOLES Owner: Bill Walker  
  121.  Ron Paul for President 2012 – Restore America Now Owner: Ramon K. Madden  
  122.  Ron Paul 2012 – Summit County Owner: Craig Thompson  
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  124.  Ron Paul Rocks! A group for rabid, die-hard Ron Paul fans! John Ronpaul Jones
  125.  Ron Paul Strategic Think Tank Owner:Mary Incerto Tomlin, John Nibarger  
  126.  Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama in 2012 Owner: Justin Stout  
  127.  Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke Owner: Justin Stout  
  128.  Scotia Bank Complaints  Owner: Roger Landry
  129.  Serious Action To Get Ron Paul Elected In 2012 Owner: Ted Jotte
  130.  Socialism is Garbage Owner: Geoffrey Miller  
  131.  Sound Money Owners: Justin Stout, Adam Keller  
  132.  Speak Your Mind Owner:Roger Landry
  133.  Standinfreedom’s Blog website Owner: Roger Landry
  134.  Stop IRS Tax Lien Levy & Beat Home Foreclosure | ToolsforJustice (FB group) Owner: David, Ron, Randy  
  135.  Southeast Liberty Project Owner: Raub Brandon
  136.  Stop IRS Tax Lien Levy & Beat Home Foreclosure | ToolsforJustice (website) Owner: David, Ron, Randy  
  137.  Stopping Government-Run Healthcare Owner: Roger Landry
  138.  Taxation is Theft Owner: Justin Stout  
  139.  Telling Ben Bernanke he’s full of crap Owner: Roger Landry
  140.  The Anti-Obama Nation Owner:Roger Landry
  141.  The Daily Paul Owner: Zak Cruise Carter
  142.  The Libertarian Atheist Owner: Justin Stout
  143.  The Modern American Revolution (FB group) Owner: Brett Backman  
  144.  The Modern American Revolution (website) Owner: Brett Backman  
  145.  The Modern Canadian Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  146.  The Modern UK Revolution Owner: Brett Backman  
  147.  The New World Order Information Center Owner: Brett Backman  
  148.  The No Party Owner: Roger Landry
  149.  The Petey T and Robby Radio Show
  150.  THE RED PILL Owner: Joshua Johnson  
  151.  The Truth About Vaccines Owner: Justin Stout  
  152.  The Truths Owner: Peter Behan  
  153.  THE UPRISING! Owner: Debbie Lewis  
  154.  The Watchers Society Owner: Roger Landry
  155.  Tools for Justice (website) Owner: David,Ron,Randy  
  156.  Tools for Justice (FB group) Owner: David,Ron,Randy  
  157.  Truth Media Owner: Jeff Phelps
  158. Truth the main stream media misses. Owner: Steven Danielsen  
  159.  TSA = Thefts, Sexual assaults, and Arrests Owner: Lynn Nichols
  160.  Urgent Message….It’s all hitting the fans!!! Owner: Justin Stout  
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  162.  Vote For The Man, Ron Paul! Reguardless… Owner Joe Bright  
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  164.  Wake the Fuck Up People Owner: Ottis Oatmeal Stout Person
  165.  WAKE UP! Owner: Peter Behran  
  166.  WatchtheVote2012 Owner: Nancy Jacques and Tammy Cech  
  167.  We are the people of the United States of America Owner: Richard Chase Halbrook  
  168.  WE THE PEOPLE Owner: Roger Landry
  169.  “We The People” Have Our Own Terrorists List! Owner: Nena Espinosa
  170.  We The People Network™ Owner: Roger Landry
  171.  WE THE PEOPLE TAR Owner: Roger Landry,Edward Consciousness Levite  
  172.  World Truth TV Owner: Roger Landry
  173.  WTPN™ (WE THE PEOPLE NETWORK™) Owner: Roger Landry
  174.  WTPN™ Community Owner: Roger Landry
  175.  Z Great Debate Owner: Joe Zajac
  176.  1,000,000 Against ChemTrails Owner: Chem Trail
  177.  24/7 TRUTH TALK NEWS Host: Howard Nema

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Van Jones: Dishonest, Intolerant Slavery Advocate

By: Larken Rose

Obviously, the tyranny advocates of the world, like Obama and his collectivist buddies, are getting a little scared that the philosophy of freedom has been growing by leaps and bounds recently. So the megalomaniac brigade has ratcheted up its Orwellian propaganda, trying to tell everyone that freedom is slavery, peaceful coexistence is hateful and intolerant, and massive extortion and violent domination is compassionate and noble.

Van Jones, a collectivist state-worshiper comrade of Obama’s, recently referred to libertarianism as a “despicable ideology,” claiming that libertarians “hate” various groups of minorities, and generally trying to paint people like Ron Paul as Satan. Now, if the average couch potato had said these things, I would guess that he was merely an unthinking parrot of the usual statist propaganda. But in the case of Van Jones, he can’t plead ignorance. He says what he says because what he desires above all else is to violently force others to be whatever he thinks they should be, and the idea of freedom interferes with that agenda. He is not alone in his megalomania; almost everyone in “high” public office, of any color, religion, or party affiliation, is there because he wants to dominate his fellow man. Despite being black, Van Jones is, just like Obama, an aspiring slave-master. If you think I exaggerate, read on.

If Mr. Jones was merely stupid, I could believe that he really can’t tell the difference between right-wing statist control freaks, and those who believe in the non-aggression principle (libertarians). But he’s not that stupid. He is intentionally trying to make his audience accept the idiotic lie that believing that everyone should be allowed to run his own life, make his own decisions, and spend his own money (a.k.a. libertarianism), is the same as hating everyone who isn’t like you, and wanting to oppress and enslave everyone else.

Mr. Jones seems to be doing quite a bit of psychological projecting in his accusations. If you want to see an intolerant, hateful, pack-mentality control freak, look no further than Van Jones. Or Obama, for that matter. It is really sad that anyone would believe, based on the color of Obama’s skin, that he actually cares about black people. Obama doesn’t care about the average American black any more than George Bush cares about me. Despite the patently idiotic tripe we’re all taught to the contrary, people don’t seek positions of power and control in order to help and serve those whom they seek to control. Do you think Van Jones, or Obama, wanted to be where they are so they could leave you alone? They wanted the “Ring of Power” so they could USE it. And the only way anyone can use the power of “government” is to violently control people. That’s all “laws” are: threats of violence.

Let’s take an example Van Jones brought up, which even makes many pro-freedom advocates tread softly, for fear of offending anyone. (Don’t expect any soft-treading here.) Many of the so-called “anti-discrimination” laws are unjustified and evil. People who grasp the principles of liberty and self-ownership understand this. Take the example Van Jones used, of some racist restaurant owner who refuses to serve blacks, or some other minority group. This makes a fine example of why the belief in “government” is such a horribly dangerous and destructive superstition. If you accept the notion that “government” has the right to violently impose “fairness” and “rightness” upon everyone, then the tyrants (like Obama and his collectivist buddies) can always find a way to trick you into advocating thuggery and oppression.

Imagine, for example, that some white guy went up to Van Jones, and said, “I’m going to follow you around for a few days, to make sure that you’re spending enough money at white-owned establishments.” How do you suppose he would react? I’m guessing he would have a temporary fit of righteous indignation and moral clarity, and say, “You have no right to tell me how to spend my money!” And he’d be right.

And, for the exact same reason, no one has the right to force some Aryan Nation member to hire a black man. Incidentally, there’s a word for forcing someone to serve someone else–which is what Van Jones is advocating. That word is “slavery.” I realize that in a country governed mainly by meaningless, emotional, rhetorical mush, that might sound strange to most people. But it’s called a principle. Each person owns himself, and owns the fruits of his labors. No one owns anyone else, and no one has the right to take what anyone else has earned without his consent. Freedom means freedom. If someone wants to spend his own money in a way that I think is racist, rude, or economically idiotic, I have no right whatsoever to interfere.

If, for example, some black store owner refuses to serve me because I’m white, or because I have reddish hair, or because I said nasty things about Fuhrer Obama, it is his absolute right to choose not to trade with me. And being someone who actually understands and abides by principles, if anyone tried to force the store owner to serve me–whether via the state violence of “legislation” or by any other means–I would be first in line to defend the store owner’s right to be a rude, racist dumbass, by not allowing me in his store.

Why? Because I have moral principles, and I value peaceful coexistence. And peaceful coexistence doesn’t mean a giant love-in where everyone is the same. It doesn’t mean everyone will like everyone else, or everyone will agree on everything. It doesn’t mean everyone will approve of each other’s choices or lifestyles. It doesn’t mean everyone will say nice things about each other. It means only that people–whatever religious, racial, economic, philosophical, or any other differences they may have–will tolerate the existence of each other, and not initiate violence against each other. That’s what it means to be civilized.

Despite how the collectivists have mangled the term, that is what “tolerance” actually means. It doesn’t mean you like something, or approve of it–it means that you allow it to be, you don’t attempt to violently eradicate it just because you don’t like it. It means that, whatever you might think of it, you tolerate its existence. Libertarians do that. Obama and Van Jones do not. Instead, they seek to use the power of the state to violently impose their ideas of fairness and politeness upon the rest of humanity.

The real reason Van Jones hates libertarians–and yes, I do mean “hates”–is because if they get their way, he will become as irrelevant and powerless as he should be. Of course those who crave dominion over their fellow man hate libertarianism, and find it “despicable,” because in a world where the principles of self-ownership and non-aggression are understood and embraced, there will be nothing for tyrants like Van Jones to do, no way for them to trick people into giving them power. Libertarianism will always pose a threat to megalomaniacs like Van Jones, because megalomaniacs will always pose a threat to peaceful coexistence, i.e., rational and moral civilization.

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