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The Politics of Acceptance in a Game of Social Change

For instance, many people jump on the “wealth inequality” issue without examining the real issues behind wealth inequality, or how the federal government’s mishandling of our tax dollars contributes to it. They just blame whoever they are told to blame by people promising them stuff they don’t have to work for, which in turn, means they are also contributing to the problem they claim to care about.

Another example is gun control. I haven’t heard any cries for the need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals after a home invader shot a Tulsa man while he was home with his children. This was a clear cut example of why good people should be armed. Therefore, you hear nothing from the left.

These issues are used by the left to pull at the heart strings of the vulnerable and uninformed. A very compelling argument could be made, and I have made it several times, that our children are being intentionally dumbed down in order to accept that which they don’t understand, or worse yet, condition them to accept what they once never would. For the purpose of satisfying some of my more vocal critics, I don’t believe Obama is the only one responsible for this. I understand that Republicans have played their part as well.

The ideology of social change and the methods used to employ these strategies have fascinated me now for several years. It truly is like brainwashing, but in a way in which people are conditioned to accept it for themselves. (I’ll touch on that a bit more in a minute.) The greater significance of that statement rests in the fact that we live in a republic, in which the culture and structure of government can only be changed if “WE THE PEOPLE” want it to be changed. They can’t take our rights unless we “accept” that they can take them; hence, the need to get us to go along with their grand plans and social engineering schemes.

The best example that can be given is the attempts to rewrite the language of the Second Amendment in middle school text books in order to condition the minds of young people so they will be more persuadable as they grow into adulthood. Another example would be how the school system is suspending children for even thinking about a gun. They are using change strategies to scare children and change their perspective on gun ownership. Finally, the most significant example I can think of is when I personally witnessed a whole class of indoctrinated liberals give presentations in which they admitted to not knowing how racist they were until they have received their required “white privilege” education. These scenarios and others like them tend to rely on the use of the Delphi technique. Delphi typically employs methods which seek to shame others into going along with ideas which they normally wouldn’t. Two opposing sides of an issue are presented with the facilitator coaxing students into his or her predetermined solution, while techniques that ridicule any opposition to this solution are ruthlessly employed.

The real point I want to make is that I have come to the conclusion that these strategies of change are not only being employed against an unsuspecting population, but an unsuspecting government as well. I only came to this conclusion because, America, I was educated by the very people who hold radicals like Saul Alinsky in high regard. I was educated by radicals who taught their students that we should be striving to create a utopia. I swear to you I had one professor admit he was a communist and another, a socialist. I have seen these change strategies first hand folks, and that is why I can say with confidence what I am about to say. Cass Sunstein will love me for this by the way. I have come to suspect that all the policy issues we currently face all revolve around one common theme. It is a giant social experiment in which they seek to determine how to get the necessary players to accept that which they normally never would.

First it was Obamacare, and you have to admit, in the beginning we had some fierce opposition from the Republicans. Now, many of them are afraid to run on its repeal because of its controversial nature. In fact, there are Republicans who would just as soon let the law stay in place so no one will call them racist. The manner in which Chief Justice Roberts ruled on the law’s constitutionality was also very suspicious. Were they spying on him in the same manner in which they were just busted spying on the senate? Glenn Beck brought up the same question, but it was obvious from the start; Roberts was coerced into ruling in the manner he did.

Next we have the issue of amnesty. Another policy initiative which congressional Republicans vowed to prevent from happening, and now, after a couple years of being called racist, and being frustrated about how to reach out to Hispanic voters, that are essentially being fed at the trough. They are ready to cave on this issue as well. What’s next, the Second Amendment? Exactly.

While Republicans are caving on all of these policy issues, anti-gun liberals are attempting little by little to see what they can get away with by passing extreme anti-gun laws in several Democrat controlled states. They are using the same methodologies that they have employed in these other policy initiatives. The demonization of gun owners, fear campaigns, passing unread legislation in the middle of the night; (which is precisely how Obamacare was passed incidentally) and ignoring any facts that run contrary to their political objectives of gun control are all fair game. I have come to the conclusion, and if it makes me a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist then so be it, that everything revolves around gun confiscation. If the general public can be conditioned to accept Obamacare and amnesty because the “government cares,” then conditioning them to support gun confiscation for the same reason, when many millions already have an irrational fear of firearms, would, in theory, be a cinch.

Fortunately, there are some state legislatures that remember we live in a constitutional republic. States like Idaho and Georgia are passing legislation to keep the federal government away from gun owners’ rights, as should all states. The question remains, however, ; what good will it do if our children are being conditioned to hate guns? When they grow up, and if the desired impact of an anti-gun, socialist indoctrination has been achieved, then we will only have another generation ready and willing to surrender their rights. This is the politics of acceptance in a game of social change.

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communism in America


A few notable quotes:

The goal of socialism is communism. 

                     -Vladimir Lenin

The theory of communism can be summed up in one sentence: Abolish private property.

                  – Karl Marx

Socialism is the same as communism, only better English

                 –   George Bernard Shaw

For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog while, for many in the west, it is a living lion.

                  –  Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I don’t really view communism as a bad thing.

                 –  Whoopi Goldberg

The Republican Party and all it’s splinter wings better wake up and see the bigger picture. That goes for Libertarians as well, with whose ideology I most closely relate. While so-called moderate democrats remain mute or mildly in concurrence, the extreme left – namely, socialists – are dominating the party in terms of fomenting division within their opposition as a path to victory, and that victory can be defined clearly as a socialist/Marxist where the state controls your lives, and not the other way around. That’s coming folks. Many of the well-intentioned democrats aren’t even aware of what they are aiding and abetting.

Once the state, (federal government) takes control of every aspect of our freedoms, there will be no heights for individuals to aspire to. Nobody will be allowed great success because great success breeds rich people, and you all can see where that is going today. In modern times, “rich” has been likened to “evil.” And the nation will be ripened for another powerful ideology, waiting in the wings to fulfill its prophecy to conquer: Islam

These are two global ideologies that have clearly expressed their intent to conquer the free world. Never have they inched as close as they are now. For the time being, they are working together because each helps further the other’s cause.  And we tend to forget, Barack Obama’s entire pre-political life – for those who have not thoroughly studied him — was marinated in Islam and communism.

If the government gains full socialistic control, with a leadership sympathetic to Islamism, we can kiss the constitution goodbye, it’s only a matter of time. The extreme left wing of the Democratic Party have fallen into this trap, allowing socialism and its piggy-back rider, communism, to gain enormous power within America.

No different than most political parties, democrats want to control government. But they have effectively outsmarted republicans and libertarians with two effective tactics:

1. Establishing unity within. While many democrats, behind the scenes, may not agree with each other or all the policies of the Obama wing of the party, they unite behind their leadership to form a solid coalition.

2. They feed the flames of division within the opposition, namely the republican party with a constant barrage of name-calling and campaign of demonizing anyone who appears to be rising in popularity on the other side. It works.

Democrats don’t have to do much: Keep unions in sync, continue the glut of entitlements to firm up voter bases, keep the mainstream media on the leash and spew hatred and venom toward any opposition, no matter how absurd.

Republicans, meanwhile, are constantly in-fighting. The labels do not matter, moderate, extreme, Tea Party, etc., as long as it continues on, the democrats will howl with laughter behind closed doors as the republicans whine about each other on Fox News. Meanwhile, in the 2012 elections, some four million registered republicans stayed home from voting because they were dissatisfied with the available candidates.

Dissatisfied? Really? Look what you ended up with…because you stayed home. The tacit statement you intended to make materialized in the form of Barack Obama, socialism and Islamism.

Many libertarians vote their heart. That’s admirable. But they don’t vote with their brains. They ignore the end result.

Yours truly is registered as an Independent. Yet, I do hope to see the republicans retake the entire congress and the Oval office in the next elections. If they don’t, it’s bye bye America as we have known it. The republican party is certainly flawed, but they are the only hope to save us from the proverbial slippery slope.

Republicans: Stop the in-fighting between Tea Party and non-Tea Party. You all must realize the power and influence of shifting ethnic and immigrant priorities and accept the fact they are here and must be embraced, even if we don’t agree with everything. Issues like abortion and gay marriage aren’t going to matter in the overall scheme of things if Obamnites continue to win, win, win. Start compromising, or lose.

Division is deadly. In 1992, third party candidate, Ross Perot, paved the election of Bill Clinton to the White House. The great majority of Perot’s 19 percent of the popular vote would have been in the camp of George Bush I. I admired Perot, but he divided the party and Clinton won. That’s wasn’t so bad, because Clinton was no Barack Obama. If the republicans remain divided, or spawn a third party, the followers of Obama will continue to control our government.

Step back and take a look at the big picture.

It’s not so much who we want to win. It’s who must lose.

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

                                          — Ariel Durant

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