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Empowered Self Reliant Individuals Biggest Threat To Authoritarian Tyrannical Rule

PROOF: Empowered Self Reliant Individuals Biggest Threat To Authoritarian Tyrannical Rule

American writer Henry Therou wrote about the individual:”Man is his own star; and the soul that can render a honest and perfect man, Commands all light, all influence, all fate”.

I interpret this as man has limitless potential. Individuals who understand that the power lies within them instead of outside of them are extremely powerful human beings. When one takes full responsibility over their lives they quite frankly become one of the biggest threats to the globalist technocratic authoritarian system. This has been a common theme throughout many of my videos and the work I do with individuals who are seeking to break free from the job paradigm. It is of the utmost importance especially in today’s society that we up abolish all dependence on government whether it means a pension, Social Security check, food stamp card, section 8 housing voucher, etc. Whatever the systems and programs that the central planners have set up in order to strip away your personal power may be, we must begin the process of unwinding them. Now some of you reading may literally be dependent on these government programs but truth is they will cease to exist at some point in the future by either continued dollar devaluation or the bankruptcy of the state. It is my belief that within you lies a unique ability, within you lies the personal power to begin the process of releasing that stranglehold of dependence that the state has so desperately tried to place over your life. Remember ladies and gentlemen if they can control you with the free stuff they give you than you are truly not free.

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