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Earth Idolarty – Agenda 21

Earth Idolatry – Agenda 21 from Freedom Advocates on Vimeo.

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Facebook’s Carbon Footprint

cloud computing CO2 facebook carbon footprint The computing cloud may feel intangible to users, but it has a definite physical form and a corresponding carbon footprint.

Facebook’s data centers, for example, were responsible for the emission of 298,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2012, the equivalent of roughly 55,000 cars on the road.

And that’s just Facebook, imagine including YouTube, Amazon, Google, Twitter and any other huge user of energy, such as the NSA DataCenter in Bluffdale, Utah!

Remember this when your “Local” or “Regional Plan” (aka: Agenda 21) politicians want to dictate how you are to live your life, raise your family, care for your animals, and maintain your property.