Several weeks ago I wrote about a new curriculum being used in Texas schools that defined the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act and literally condemned the rebellious actions of the colonists.  The same curriculum goes even further to rewrite history and destroy America’s foundational Christian roots.

The curriculum is produced by an organization known as CSCOPE who is owned and operated by Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC).  According to their website:

“The collaborative’s goal is to provide a quality curriculum support system to Texas K-12 schools. TESCCC has developed CSCOPE, a comprehensive, customized, user-friendly curriculum support system. In addition to the curriculum, CSCOPE encompasses resources for the implementation, monitors the curriculum and establishes an accountability process to ensure a quality implementation.”

“The curriculum component of CSCOPE is based on best practice models from top researchers. Lessons are all aligned with the TEKS/TAKS and each lesson meets the highest standards of rigor and relevance.”

“As of September 25, 2012, there are 875 active CSCOPE districts. This equates to approximately 70% of the districts in Texas.”

So what else are 70% of the school districts in Texas teaching your kids?

To start with, the curriculum teaches that the Second Amendment only applies to state run militias and not private citizens.  In other words they are teaching that there is no constitutional right for Americans to bear or own firearms unless they are part of state operated militia like the National Guard.  Mind you that the US Supreme Court has ruled in several cases lately that the Second Amendment does apply to every American citizen.

The curriculum also has a section on Islam where it teaches students a variety of verses from the Quran including:

“Who Is Allah?”

“Allah is the Almighty God.”

“Allah alone is the Creator. He alone deserves our devout love and worship.”

The section on Islam also lists verses that malign other religions and then provides instructions on how to convert to Islam.

To no surprise, the geography section of the CSCOPE curriculum teaches the positive aspects of globalism.  One test contains the following question:

“Which of the following has been a benefit of globalization?”

“a) pandemics, b) increased standard of living, c) loss of local culture, and finally, d) widespread environmental impacts.”

The accepted answer is b) increased standard of living.

In virtually all subjects of the CSCOPE curriculum, students are taught a revisionist view of history in which America is the bad guy and that free enterprise and democracy are wrong.  Instead of being patriotic to America, we should embrace globalism and be happy as one with the rest of the world.

I could not find anything that taught about Christianity or Judaism or how to convert to either of them, but there an extensive section on Islam.

Texas is a big state with a lot of children and I find it very alarming to see what up to 70% of them are being taught.  This is why so many parents are losing their kids to today’s secular culture.  It’s also why more parents need to find a way to either homeschool their kids or put them in private school where they won’t be subject to the liberal progressive anti-American and anti-Christian brainwashing they are getting every day in the public classroom.

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