By Chris Graham
Most conservatives know that liberals try to avoid personal responsibility, and all liberals, while blaming George W. Bush for their life’s ills, firmly deny this accusation.

So here is a brief rundown of various issues and how the liberal attitude toward each stems from their aversion to personal responsibility, both for them and for others.

Abortion: Just about as obvious an example as it gets. A woman decides to engage in behavior that biology 101 informs us very often results in a baby. The conservative woman gets pregnant and accepts responsibility for her actions. The liberal woman gets pregnant and, if she doesn’t want the baby, places her responsibility on her unborn baby’s shoulders, a child sacrifice to appease the god Convenience.

Education: Liberals support public education for other people’s children so they can be indoctrinated into believing that only government can save them. This way liberals will always have a voting bloc to rely on when the next election rolls around. The liberal elite send their children to private schools while denying charter schools, vouchers, and school choice to the masses.

Feminism: While feminism has classical liberal (i.e. conservative) roots, such as equal rights for all, it has now been co-opted by modern liberals to be a subterfuge for totalitarianism and the attainment of the sacrament of abortion. It requires of its adherents the belief that all the problems of females can be blamed on others, namely, the “patriarchy.”

Guns: The moment someone gets shot, who do liberals blame? The shooter? No, they first blame a conservative who has nothing to do with the shooting (Sarah Palin being blamed when Jared Loughner, a liberal, shot that crowd in Tucson, for example), and then they blame an inanimate object: the gun. They never blame the shooter first.

Healthcare: Liberals support universal healthcare because they no longer have to be responsible for their health. Someone else will pay for their health problems. They no longer have to abstain from unhealthy lifestyles because any financially costly repercussions of their lifestyle will be shouldered by someone else.

Immigration: I don’t know how many times I’ve heard liberals blame America the country instead of illegal immigrants the criminals for their flocking over our borders illegally. Liberals, in one of the few instances you will hear them praise America, say, “It’s because we have it so good over here!” And then in the next sentence they return to bashing America by way of bashing its citizens: “Illegal immigrants also do the jobs that Americans are too lazy to do.” It’s never the law-breaker’s fault.

Inner-City Crime: It’s not the thugs’ fault; it’s the white man’s fault! It’s capitalism’s fault. We and it keeps black people down, and they get pushed into dealing drugs and robbing liquor stores. (This relates to liberals’ attitude toward race. See below.)

Race: More blacks are in poverty because of whites. Laziness is not to blame, nor a lack of ambition, nor the low expectations liberals have towards blacks. And speaking of low expectations, liberals believe black people need extra help in life in order to survive, even though all other races do just fine when they apply themselves. Blacks must never take responsibility for their lifestyle, liberals say, because their situation can be blamed on someone else.

Terrorism: Terrorists hate Americans not because terrorists are evil, but because we treat Muslims so poorly and we support Israel, even though Muslims have been warring with the West long before America existed. It’s our fault they hate us, though.

And finally, the whole reason liberals pine for an all-powerful, centralized government is because then they won’t have to make decisions for themselves. The government will do it for them. If the citizens can’t make decisions for themselves, they won’t have to blame themselves when things inevitably (because this is life, after all) go wrong. It gives liberals a feeling of security.

So why do liberals loathe the idea that people are responsible for themselves? I believe it can be traced back to their childhood. Adult liberals got that way by growing up spoiled, given what they wanted, never receiving any serious discipline, being babied and pampered, and having parents who bowl people over in rushing to their sides to pick them up the instant they get the smallest of scratches on their knees.e people who have these described beliefs vote for Democrats because Democrats offer voters freedom from being free.