Sunday, September 11, 2011
Ten  ElevenYears Gone: for The Fallen and for America.

Ten  ElevenYears Gone
for The Fallen and for America.

Some words for those who still recall
that sad September dawn
and mourn for all that we have lost,
today now ten eleven years gone,

those who recall we held Our Flag,

and held each other’s hand,
and wept, and steeled our resolve
to defend this Our Land.

We closed our ranks, we said our prayers,

we gently bowed each head,

and tried our best to honor our
Loved and Heroic Dead.

Ten Eleven Years of yesterdays have passed,
those memories don’t fade,

but I no longer recognize

this country that we’ve made.

Some long see opportunity
in bleeding open scar,
crisis co-opting demagogues,

now look at where we are.

We’re told the pictures of that day
are best hidden from view.
We’re told that we are not to judge:
our faith is violent too.

We’re told the attack was our fault.

We’re told to “coexist”.
We’re told Islam now is our friend,
our neighbors terrorist.

We’re told we must submit to search

to be allowed to fly.

We’re told Our Constitution’s our
“A Catcher In The Rye”.

We’re told one leader’s war’s a crime
for which he must be tried,

while the next wages the same war

and yet he’s justified.

We’re told Ground Zero’s finally built
near Trophy Mosque acclaimed.
We’re told Site 93 is not

a crescent Mecca aimed.

We’re told Islam does not preach a
Destiny Manifest.
We’re told theologies have rights
though we fought Shinto-blessed.

We’re told Europe has riot “youth”,

who share no common coat.
We’re told P.C. is really not
a noose around our throat.

We’re told our markets are robust

despite recession twice,

then told the fix is for us all
to further sacrifice. . .

Utopia requires bones:
no one will ever see

our rich old foolish Marxist King’s

“Open Society”.

His money speaks, our leaders bow
before his “Open” clout.
Surrendering behind our backs

our leaders sold us out.

They posture and betray our trust,
they fight for our defeat,
they played this game with Viet Nam,
now their game’s near complete.

And so our enemy’s within

yet some will not pay heed.
You doubt they hate America?
What more proof do you need?

I’ll tell you what I learned that day

despite who’ll whine or wince:

All I need know about Islam. . .
and about Marxists since.

So for the silent, ashen, shocked,
still reeling from the blow,

the Heroes, Towers, Country lost,

today ten eleven years ago,

these words for all that we have lost
since that September dawn:
I’ve not forgot, nor will forget,

today now ten eleven years gone.

Ten Years Gone, Copyright © 2011 Papa Possum