By Bob Livingston

Representative Walter B. Jones Jr. (R-N.C.) introduced a bill to impeach President Barack Obama.Commenting on my Wednesday column, Congressional Irrelevance, commenter James asked why I had not yet written about the Obama Impeachment Bill recently introduced in Congress by Representative Walter B. Jones Jr. (R-N.C.). Quite simply, I had not planned to comment upon it all.

A bill of impeachment is irrelevant political theater, just as it was during the Bill Clinton Presidency. Congress is a criminal enterprise and a good ole boys club. No bill of impeachment will go anywhere, because the fox is guarding the henhouse. Congress members have no fealty to the Constitution. But if they did actually believe and abide by the oath they took, they would never consider removing the first black President because of the riots and unrest that would erupt in the black community.

But it doesn’t matter. Their fealty, and President Barack Obama’s, is to the banksters and big business and the New World Order: in other words, fascism. Until the fascist system collapses, an impeachment trial would serve only to gin up the ire of both the right and left and reinforce the false left/right paradigm. If you hold your breath until a Congress that won’t even discuss the poser President’s ineligibility to hold office decides to move with impeachment, you will be dead and buried many times over.

Besides, should the House deign to consider an impeachment bill and it pass along to the Senate, a Democrat-controlled Senate would never bring it up, no matter how egregious the charges — and using offensive military force without a declaration of war is an egregious Constitutional violation.

Congress is too busy ripping the Constitution to shreds (NDAA, TSA, HR 347, USA Patriot Act, etc.) to consider trying to uphold it.