Firearms Unknown employee, Von, twirls a cardboard AR15 sign on the streets of Oceanside, California.

Firearms Unknown has decided to more accurately detail their sales receipts, and it’s not only going to tick off more snowflakes, but it’ll also make gun owners jump for joy at finally seeing a particular line correctly labeled.


Anyone who lives or has lived in the almost communist land of California and owned guns in the state knows that the Golden State harshly taxes firearms sales as a sort of punishment for having the nerve to want to use your Second Amendment rights in the liberal stronghold.

The tax is 9% in addition to a $25 mandatory DROS (dealer’s record of sale) fee, which is basically a Californian paying to register their own gun with the state. But, Firearms Unknown is sick of the state charging citizens the egregious fees to exercise their natural rights, and they showed it on their sales receipts.

Notice the line where it says 9% tax, it also says “Gov’t Theft AKA,” which is all that this tax is in the liberal cesspool we all know as California. It’s theft designed to discourage Californians from purchasing a gun. If the government is going to steal from gun owners because they chose to exercise a right, then Firearms Unknown is going to call it what it is: theft.

So far, the reactions to this receipt have all been positive. Most find it a little funny too since more and more Americans are seeing taxation as theft. It is nice to see that the whole state isn’t infested with the liberal mindset which believes that those who simply want to protect themselves should be punished.

It’s absolutely freeing to see companies beginning to show civilians how much money the government actually takes from them. It almost goes unnoticed when labeled a tax, but labeling it “theft” grabs a person’s attention and brings awareness to the bigger issue of not only the attempts to decrease gun sales but the continual hiking of taxes that we all suffer from.