obama youre fired

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

One of the many defeats American culture has suffered at the hands of the destructive influence of political correctness.

It is always fine for a Black “comedian” to make crude jokes about White people, especially Southerners. But making fun of Blacks is simply never allowed.

Not that we care to use the N word, but Whites are never permitted to use it even when they are condemning its use!  So-called “ethnic jokes” may never, ever be uttered and the list goes on.

Democrats can talk about how they want to appeal to Blacks and be praised in the media. But when Republicans attempt to engage Blacks they are mocked and accused of racism. Worse still, when Republicans direct even a momentary campaign message to Whites, they are called racists and end up apologizing.

This is the scheme of politics in America today, principally because feckless Republicans allow it to be. Donald Trump would be the exception to this rule. He can and would break this cycle.  

Increasing his amount of White support is Trump’s path to the White House.

In 2012, Mitt Romney got 59% of the White vote and only 206 Electoral College Votes (ECVs). Nevertheless, there were important winnable states in which Romney came close enough that had he hit his national average of White voters he could have conceivably won the election.         

By holding the states Romney did win and pushing his percentage of White voters to just 60% Trump would have an excellent chance of winning the ECVs from Florida (29) Ohio (18) New Hampshire (4) Colorado (9) and Pennsylvania (20) which would give him 286 ECVs and victory.  

Trump’s connection to White America is well established. In states that allow crossover primary voting, crossover White Democrats have propelled him to 21 victories and 7.9 million votes – far more than his nearest competitor.  Of course, there are White Republicans who will automatically vote for a Republican over Clinton; but that number would greatly expand with Trump as an alternative because he will attract crossover White Democrats-especially men.   

Trump speaks the language of White America and excites them to vote. His candidacy is undoubtedly the reason a reported 100k Pennsylvanians have switched to Republican to vote in the GOP primary later this month.  Only Trump can increase White turnout and he will do just that. It will bring him to victory in November. 






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