Dwekh NawshaIn response to the killings against the Assyrian Christians and other Minorities, and the rise of Sunni Islamists such as ISIS, the the Dwekh Nawsha which stands for the Sacrifiers in the Syriac Language. Dwekh Nawsha was formed to “protect Christian territories in Nineveh province, particularly the northern part of Nineveh.

It had 70 active members as of November 2014. Currently over 240 members makes this group a force in the Nineveh Plains which is the Heartland of the Assyrian people. In mid-November, following the Battle of Baqubah, where the Peshmerga took back control of the Assyrian town Baqofah from ISIS, a Peshmerga commander, Abdul Rahman Kawriny,
said: “We, the Peshmerga, came here from Erbil to protect our Christian brothers and their homes. There is constant cooperation and assistance from both sides.” The ISIS flag was replaced by that of Dwekh Nawsha. “We are patrolling day and night. We move around these areas and observe the situation…[we will protect monasteries, churches and artifacts] because this is the beauty of the Mesopotamian civilization.” Several foreign fighters have joined the Dwekh Nawsha.

In short, the Dwekh Nawsha is one of the few fighting against the radical Islamic State being forced on them by ISIL. See this article(s):

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Western Volunteer Fighters:
 Tim Lock England Dwekh Nawsha militia

 Tim Lock, England

Dwekh Nawsha 4

 Scott, North Carolina

Dwekh Nawsha 3 

Also a video(s) about Dwekh Nawsha:

1. http://youtu.be/bOeWcAUw6jY
2. http://youtu.be/XJG6bS5pLRE
3. http://youtu.be/SdeWJI5_FTc
4. http://youtu.be/DSrz5yPLUrA
It is important to realize that most major governments have yet to step in and support these innocent civilians, many in the north of Iraq which are also our Christian Brothers and Sisters. Their children are being sold as sex slaves, murdered and tortured. Please stomach through some videos in order to understand the nature and urgency of this situation.
Most of the worst videos have been censored by YouTube and other companies in attempt to shield the truth from most of the non-Muslim world. It would seem that these governments do not want to broadcast that they are willing to let these people die.

I have news for them, it is too late. If our governments won’t help, We the People will! Let’s shame these governments for their mismanaged priorities and save this these people from certain death. Our goal is to save lives. We need to bring awareness to the innocent people in Iraq and Assyrian Christians being murdered every day. (The Catholic Church should be involved in this crisis instead of focusing on a make-believe crisis of immigration in the U.S.) Perhaps if enough of us share this message and provide support, we will humiliate our governments into helping. We have people willing to fight, donate money, supplies, etc. But we need more money and more volunteer fighters now. We are encouraging all citizens around the world to rally in support against ISIS/ISIL. The world has not seen the likes of such evil in many decades. This is evil that must be stomped out now. We can no longer ignore the atrocities occurring against innocent people and our own people caught in this conflict.

Please watch some of the following videos. I am warning you now. Do not let your children see these. They are explicit and horrific. If you are an adult, please watch as many as you can stomach. It will help you better understand our fightand urgency.

1. http://youtu.be/Dhkj_N1WrkI
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My name is Tony Berg. I am a former Marine. I associate with a number of patriotic groups, churches, and other proud patriot citizens in the United States. I am a real American human being (not a fiction for propaganda purposes). I love God, my family, my country, and the idea of freedom and liberty for all who seek it. I live in Riverside County California. I breath air and bleed red blood. I provide my personal information so that anyone willing to offer “any” help, can communicate directly with me and my group for that purpose without reservation or concern. Also, my identity can easily be verified. I am a Private Investigator, Bail Agent, Court Appointed Child Advocate, and currently, a law student.

I have contacts on the ground in Northern Iraq, some of which have already given the ultimate sacrifice (RIP). I speak with fighters almost daily. They are making great progress in holding back ISIS/ISIL. But they are in need of more help if they are to succeed. We need help from every citizen in the world who are willing. We are in the process of ramping up our fight and I am asking for your help.

I am asking for you to help us fight ISIS/ISIL directly, since nobody else will.

Please make a pledge (promise) to donate funds or to volunteer to help them in Iraq. They need supplies such as radios, gear, medical, and clothing. They also need trained personnel in explosives, medical, combat, you name it. We are encouraging Veterans of military and police forces to volunteer first. Contact me for more details.

Your money will be well spent and appreciated. You can literally sponsor a volunteer and have each dollar save lives this very minute. Respond with your name and how you would like to be contacted, we will contact you regarding the processing of your donation or volunteering.

Thank you for your consideration. I may be contacted directly 24 hours a day at the information below. I return all messages as promptly as possible. Please share this with everyone you know and all your contacts in email, social media, local newspapers, and especially your churches, VFW’s, and other like-minded organizations you have
relationships or contacts.

You have my express permission to share my contact information with anyone in the world whom you believe may help or may want to cover this story.

Semper Fi,

Tony Berg