Hillary 2016, Benghazi, Chris Stevens raped tortured

“What difference does it make”…..?

Did you ever see this pic of him being cattle prodded? How can this outrage be swept under the rug? Please send on to your list so people know what kind of a person Hillary really is.
The next time someone declares Hillary 2016, show that person this photo of Ambassador Chris Stevens screaming in pain as one of these “demonstrators” applies an electric prod to his genitals before they killed him. You can find more photos on the internet if your stomach can take it!

So sad former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is/was so indifferent to this man’s life and the high office of Ambassador of the United States. She finally resigned to quiet the criticism, so it might not interfere with her promised run for President.

If you believed all that crap of fainting and hitting her head suffering a concussion, then you have joined the flock of sheep being led to the barn by liberal promises to once again be clipped of all you possess. Drama… its all drama, until they come for yours.