Streamed live on Jul 24, 2013

Someone just attempted to set-up Stewart Rhodes (founder of Oath Keepers) & Dan Johnson (founder of People Against the N.D.A.A) by sending child porn to Dan Johnson’s email from a anonymous email account, pretending to be Stewart. Clearly, they knew Dan and Stewart work together on anti-NDAA nullification legislation, so they tried to trick Dan into opening the files containing child porn by impersonating Stewart Rhodes. Fortunately, Dan realized it was a tormail email and not actually from Stewart, so he did not open the attached pdfs. PANDA’S internet security expert was able to determine that the files contained child porn without opening them. This attempt to set Dan Johnson up failed.

This attempt is very similar to the July 3 attempt to set up activist Luke Rudkowski, where someone claiming to be a whistle-blower emailed Luke saying he had some incriminating pictures of Bilderberg elites, which Luke was able to see with his “view” function and determine were actually child porn without opening them. Once Luke did a video exposing the attempt, he was contacted by the hackers who bragged that they were going to do the same thing to other alternative media activist leaders. This is something you all need to be aware of, and protect yourselves against. You can expect more of these malicious smear campaign attacks to happen going forward.

The video where Luke Rudkowski talks about how they tried to set him up:…

This just shows how desperate the powers that be are getting.