America Never Stood a Chance….. Global Elite Picked Obama Long Before Voters…and the Carnage Continues

Much has been written (speculated) about President Obama’s plans for America. Liberals were thrilled rising to the level of a spiritual awakening when Obama came onto the scene. They saw Obama as the epitome of the liberal/progressive, possessing all of the expected and unexpected but equally impressive pedigrees (biracial) including Ivy League educated, world view and infused extreme liberalism.

Conservatives were appalled that a man indoctrinated in radical ideology (Saul Alinsky, Reverend Wright and socialist roots) could rise to the highest position in the land. Convinced that Obama was not fit to be president, many conservatives went on the attack alleging that Obama was a Manchurian Marxist/Socialist/communist plant . Most of these claims were dismissed and labeled as far right extremism and many, Democrats and Republicans alike, decried those advocating such ideas as harmful to the conservative cause. Not deterred, conservatives continued with their relentless attacks if for no other reason, the fact that literally by each passing day more and more evidence surfaced in support of their claims.

Perhaps the biggest concern by conservatives was the speech Obama gave during the 2008 campaign when he promised to “fundamentally transform” America.  Almost five years later it appears that overwhelming evidence exists, if people care to objectively look at the facts, that Obama’s promise is very near being complete.

In the article below we see yet another possible act by Obama that will further cement conservative beliefs that he is a socialist at best and a communist or Marxist at worse. The article seems to give some level of credence to a 2007 article (Global Elite Picked Obama Long Before Voters) that contained a 1992 conversation between an American visiting Russia and two Russians who told the American that a black communist was/had been groomed and would become president of the United States. Perhaps due to some question of authenticity of the statements made, the article did not receive wide spread dissemination. Maybe conditions have now changed such that a revisit of the article might be appropriate. Obama’s assault on America and our traditions continues.

In addition to socializing America’s health care system, massive redistribution of wealth, embracing America’s enemies at the expense of American sovereign and safety; alienation of America’s democratic friends, association with socialist and the appointment of radicals into his administration; now comes the prospect of more socialistic actions on America; the continued confiscation of America’s wealth.