California assembly bill AB760 ammunition tax
California Assembly Bill, AB 760, introduced by Assemblymember Dickinson, would impose a tax on retailers who sell ammunition. The tax would be imposed at a rate of $0.05 per item of ammunition sold. In addition, this bill would force consumers to pay an excise tax on the storage, use, or other consumption of ammunition.

This bill combines two of Sacramento’s worst habits: higher taxation and a disdain for the Second Amendment.

More importantly, this bill does nothing to improve public safety. Those who wish to commit crimes will still purchase bullets, buy them across state lines, or steal them. In addition, our state’s tax collectors will have authority to further invade our lives to determine whether or not we’ve paid these taxes.

Meanwhile, those who safely exercise their Second Amendment rights are punished by having to pay for the poor decisions of misguided politicians in Sacramento.


Assemblyman Donnelly


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